Nutrien Ag Solutions reduces distracted driving by 50% in three months

With the Connected Operations Cloud, Nutrien Ag Solutions elevates their safety program and gains end-to-end visibility across their combined fleet of vehicles and assets. 

Nutrien Ag Solutions Facility

Meet Nutrien Ag Solutions

Nutrien Ag Solutions needed to modernize and gain visibility into their large-scale operations.

Headquartered in Loveland, Colorado, Nutrien Ag Solutions is the global leader of crop inputs and services with 1,500 locations that serve over 500,000 customers. As the largest agriculture retailer in the world, they provide agronomic solutions—including seed, crop protection inputs, and fertilizer and plant nutrition—to growers so they can produce healthier, more abundant crops. Because of Nutrien Ag Solutions’ expansive scope and scale of operations, their culture of safety is critical to protecting their drivers and the many communities they serve.

Previously, they were using a telematics provider to report on safety behavior—such as speeding and harsh braking—that they regularly coached drivers on. Despite their drivers abiding by safety protocols, Nutrien Ag Solutions’ accident rate wasn’t going down. To get to the root of the issue, they needed sightlines into and around the cab. Additionally, they sought out a platform-level partner to consolidate and modernize their systems with the ultimate goal of managing their combined fleet of over 75,000 assets in a single location.       

Partnering with a single solution to consolidate operations.

While Nutrien Ag Solutions knew they needed dash cams, they didn’t want to simply add another provider to their tech stack. Instead, they focused on finding a strategic, long-term partner to consolidate processes across their entire business. AI Dash Cams not only provide the visibility they were looking for, but the Connected Operations Cloud™ eliminates the need for several systems. Another key differentiator for Nutrien Ag Solutions was their close partnership with the Samsara team throughout implementation—installing multiple devices across their fleet of 15,000 vehicles is no small task, but Samsara’s level of support and easy-to-deploy solutions allow them to experience benefits right away.  

dash cam

Reducing distracted driving by 50% with in-cab alerts.

After deploying Samsara dual-facing AI Dash Cams as part of a pilot program, Nutrien Ag Solutions quickly confirmed that distracted driving was the reason their accident rate was holding steady. Now, when AI Dash Cams detect distracted driving, drivers are prompted to self-correct in the moment with in-cab alerts, enabling Nutrien Ag Solutions to reduce unsafe and distracted driving by 50% in just three months.


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Data confidence means faster, smarter decision-making.

Before Samsara, Nutrien Ag Solutions primarily used telematics data for safety reporting that was inaccurate and unavailable in real time. With Samsara Vehicle Telematics, they have peace of mind that their safety data is not only correct and secure but actionable in the moment. Samsara’s comprehensive data also enables them to go beyond safety to dive into their efficiency habits and vehicle utilization.



Uniting vehicle, asset, and equipment data for easier management.

With 1,500 locations and more than 75,000 total assets, maintaining complete operational visibility is costly and complicated for Nutrien Ag Solutions. By integrating OEM data from both their vehicles and John Deere equipment with Samsara, they’re able to unite their combined asset data to lay the foundation for a truly connected fleet. With vehicle OEM integrations alone, they saved over $1 million in hardware costs in just one year.


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