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Safety data and insights in a single, easy-to-use platform.

Easily analyze insights to reduce accidents and improve operator safety from on the road to inside your facilities.

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Protect employees from risks and streamline investigation.


    Powerful AI models help detect and alert on unusual or unsafe behavior events – onsite and on-the-road – for timely action and resolution.

  • Consolidated Video Investigation
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Learn how the City of Denver reduced false claims filed against them by 50%.

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Minimize Risk

Prevent incidents and ensure employee and asset safety.

  • Proactive Driver Coaching

    Encourage safe driving and provide scalable support to drivers through manager-led coaching. Implement in-cab nudges to prevent incidents in real-time and empower drivers to self coach.

  • Streamlined Mobile Experience
  • Workplace Digitization
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Hear more from Together for Safer Roads on how to decrease preventable vehicle accidents by 33%.

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Implement Safety Programs

Engage employees and optimize workflows.

  • Employee Buy-in

    Positively reinforce employees to build safe habits through rewards programs, leaderboards and gamification, and in-context video footage of safe behavior.

  • Custom Reports & Intuitive Workflows
  • Safety Partner Integrations
  • Safety Culture Advantage
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See how Foundation Building Materials' safety reputation helped them win new customers.

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Case study about how BLS increases safety and decreases insurance premiums through Samsara’s partnership with RLI

RLI Transportation partners with Samsara

Discover how Samsara's collaboration with RLI reduced harsh events and speeding incidents, resulting in decreased insurance premiums for a mutual customer.

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Reduce Costs

Lower expenses and increase driver retention.

  • Insurance Benefits

    Customers can receive savings with our insurance partners, through premium discount or subsidy programs, and by leveraging historical safety data through Samsara to negotiate lower premiums during renewal.

  • False Claim Exoneration
  • Employee Retention
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See how DHL reduced driver turnover by 50%.

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Learn how the Rasmussen Group uses AI-powered solutions to improve driver and worksite safety.

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How can I make a fleet safety program?

Creating a fleet safety program is crucial for minimizing safety incidents. Proactive identification of coaching opportunities, based on leading indicators like speeding, is essential to prevent events rather than react post-incident. Providing personalized feedback empowers drivers to understand and change their habits, leveraging technology for insights. Consistency in coaching workflows ensures equitable treatment across all drivers, fostering a safety-oriented culture. Set clear, measurable goals using objective data—such as reduced trigger rates—and continuously refine the coaching program for ongoing improvement and long-term success in enhancing safety.

What should a facility do to keep people safe?

With Samsara’s Site Visibility you can enhance facility safety using AI video technology. Proactively protect and address onsite concerns (i.e. person entering a restricted zone or damaged equipment) with intelligent detections, real-time alerts, and streamlined investigation, preventing incidents before escalation. Ensure safety PPE compliance through smart detections, and leverage video footage for in-context training videos to effectively train new hires and keep current employees continuously improving. This comprehensive approach creates a safer working environment by proactively addressing risks and adhering to safety protocols.

How does worker and driver coaching help minimize safety incidents?

When employing AI technology for driver coaching, both drivers and managers can detect and address risky behaviors in real time. Immediate interventions, such as voice coaching and in-cab nudges, empower individuals to correct unsafe actions promptly. The use of performance dashboards fosters a culture of improvement and competition, motivating workers and drivers to enhance safety practices. Proactive driver coaching tools significantly reduce the occurrence of safety incidents.

How does the presence of in-cab technology affect the safety of the driver?

When leveraged correctly, integrating in-cab technology significantly enhances driver safety. Through tailored solutions that acknowledge the diverse needs of fleets and drivers, a customized Video-Based Safety program becomes a cornerstone. Purpose-built driver safety technology, including reliable AI event detections and on-demand HD video retrieval, enables the detection and capture of potential risks. Empowering drivers, AI-based voice coaching and coaching workflows foster the development of safe habits, preventing incidents. Moreover, this technology facilitates proactive recognition of safe drives, benchmarking safety performance, and providing actionable insights, unlocking smart, measurable safety-led growth for drivers and fleets alike.

What are common OSHA regulations for truck drivers?

Common OSHA regulations for truck drivers include hours-of-service limits to prevent fatigue, mandatory pre-trip vehicle inspections, and proper use of personal protective equipment. Drivers must also comply with hazardous materials transportation guidelines, secure cargo properly, and adhere to anti-discrimination and whistleblower protection regulations. Regular training on safety procedures and documentation of incidents are essential for compliance with OSHA standards in the trucking industry.

How can we best leverage lone worker safety devices?

Lone worker safety devices, when equipped with things like the Samsara App, simplify the driver experience and enhance safety. By incorporating streamlined inspections through digital workflows, these devices simplify vehicle and safety checks, ensuring equipment is safe for use. Real-time updates delivered directly to workers' mobile apps prevent incidents before they occur. Additionally, enabling self-coaching from anywhere allows workers to cultivate safer habits by accessing their safety events within the app. These combined features contribute to a comprehensive safety strategy, enhancing overall workplace safety for lone workers in challenging environments.

Additionally, through Samsara’s Mobile Experience Management, managers can now easily tailor the mobile experience for in-cab worker safety and field productivity.

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