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Empowering field service providers and technicians

Samsara helps field service providers maximize their profits, protect their technicians, and improve service transparency for their end customers.

Waste Management
Waste Management

Pest Control
Pest Control

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Fleet management

Take control of the fleet costs that impact your margin

  • Fuel Management

    Reduce fuel waste by identifying behaviors like excessive idling, speeding, and harsh driving and coach drivers to improve fuel use.

  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Fleet Electrification
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See how Sprint Waste Services increased their efficiency and driver safety with Samsara.

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Service Transparency

Improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction with actionable data

  • Real-time GPS

    Provide the ETA accuracy your customers have come to expect with real-time GPS and on-demand location sharing.

  • Billing Accuracy
  • Proof of Service
App-Based Task Automation

Eliminate paper-based tasks and increase technician productivity

  • Mobile App

    Give your service providers a single mobile app for real-time schedule updates, messaging, image capture, and more.

  • Digital Documents
  • Workflows
  • Real-Time Dispatching
Technician Safety & Coaching

Protect and support your technicians while they’re on the road

  • Exoneration

    Reduce insurance costs and protect your brand with incident alerts and on-demand video retrieval for instant review and exoneration.

  • Safety Inbox
  • Driver Coaching
  • Safety Reporting
Roto-Rooter logo

See how Roto-Rooter invested in safety at scale for 1,200+ technicians.

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Fast and easy deployment for any vehicle

Secure and Easy Installation

Plug-and-play installation for light to heavy-duty vehicles in just a few minutes.

GPS Tracking with Real-time Visibility

Precise location, speeding, and G-force monitoring with offline data storage.

High-Speed 4G LTE Cellular Connectivity

Built-in WiFi hotspot for laptops and mobile devices. Data plan included.

Firmware and Hardware Upgrades

Over-the-air firmware updates and hardware upgrades included. 24/7 US-based customer support.


Installs in < 15 minutes with simple mounting and activation.

Real-Time Driver Coaching

Built-in audio speaker supports optional in-cab driver alerts.

High-Definition Video Footage

Full HD video with Infrared LED for night vision and high enough clarity to capture the smallest details.

Onboard Storage

On-demand video available for up to 100 hours of drive time.

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